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Anime: A Quick History

Everything You Need To Know To Start Watching Anime

 The Origin Of The Name
In case you have been out of the loop for the last three decades, Anime is a sub-category of animation that comes from Japan. The moniker comes from a long line of names:

  1. Japanese Animation
  2. Japanimation
  3. Japanime"then down to the modern
  4. Anime (pronounced "ah-nee-may")

    Early Anime: Astroboy

Japan's animation industry started picking up momentum after WWII, when they saw the incredible work Disney was producing. The signature large eyes in Anime comes from trying to copy the large eyes in movies like Bambi and Snow White! The Japanese have a long history of illustration going back centuries, and the style of Anime comes from viewing western animation through their particular cultural lens.
Japan To America
 Anime and Manga (Japanese comics) didn't have the social shift that happened in America, because there is a larger audience throughout generations in Japan interested in movies with fantasy and kid themes. While Anime was rising and developing such movies like Astro-Boy, most Americans had no way of learning about a new art form on the rise half a world away. It wasn't until the 1980's when the development of VHS home movies opened up the world to new discovered movies globally.  Anime had been developing successful movies for over thirty years, and American had to catch up.

Anime: For Adults Or For Kids?
Anime targets adult demographics often with mature content, themes, complex plots and characters. Anime writers do not talk down to their community of followers, so movies such as  "Akira" often required multiple viewings just to figure out what the hell it was about. Sure there was Anime made for kids, but most Americans lacked the cultural understanding for it to be relevant. What we as Americans did understand was animated protagonists being just as mature as our Hollywood action heroes.

Popular and Noteworthy 

The best known family friendly Anime comes from Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli. You probably recognize the titles released through Disney distribution: Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. Made for a more family friendly audiences, the plots and themes dealt with deeper concepts than used in cartoons. If you haven't seen it, Spirited Away is the story of a young girl that must use personal responsibility and hard work to save her parents in a scary and magical theme park. This is a huge departure from traditional western stories in animation like the Disney Princesses that usually needed a Prince to resolve the conflict. I highly recommend watching any of Anime from Studio Ghibli, as they are just as magical  and awe inspiring for adults as for children. Just one warning: don't let the cute kids on the cover of Grave Of The Fireflies fool you because it will make you depressed or cry. Just imagine what it will do to your kids! 

To View my Bio, Check out About Me

About Me

About Me:

Hello, my name is Brennan and this is my blog about what I love to do: sit on my futon and play video games, or watch animation & movies! I work for The Futon Shop, a company that stands for organic living and provides chemical options in modern functional sofa beds, and more.
This blog will be about my spare time relaxing on my futon, sharing my critiques & knowledge on everything animation, movies, and video games. If you share my love and passion in the above, I hope you will enjoy the blog and chime in anytime. I would love to hear your feedback, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

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The Revolution Behind Animation

The Transformation of Animation

A Lesson In Animation:
What is Animation?
Animation is more than cartoons. Most people think of animation as movies and cartoons.

Here is a quick explanation of how animation works.

The very concept of animation predates movies, as anyone who ever used a "flip book" can tell you. The secret lies in the human eye, but we'll skip the biology lesson. Basically if we are shown a series of images fast enough, we see it as one single image. If there are small variations between each image, we see a moving picture!
Therefore, movie is made by a camera snapping continuous pictures of real life events at 24 frames (images) per second, while animation works from the ground up, making 24 images and then showing them in one second.


Disney Animation
    In America there is a perception of animation to be for children, but it didn't start out that way. Don't believe me? Think back to the old Looney Tunes you used to watch, and you will understand why those were left out of Saturday morning cartoon schedules for the last few decades. Disney is responsible for the 'cartoons are for kids' mentality, but they never intended it to be that way. They have always made movies/animation for a wide audience, and their self imposed moral code made Disney extremely family friendly. In almost every other culture, content dictates if an animation is made for children, not the medium of animation itself. The fascination and interest in Animation by all ages has been changing  and increasing in the US over the last few decades, with children's animation becoming more mature and not "talking down" to kids. Also, we've all been to see a kids movie that contains innuendo intended to entertain the adults in the audience (and we love it).

Special Effects


Another fascinating thing with animation are the Special Effects. Special Effects are another technology that grew along side animation. For decades, Stop-motion animation was the only way to create movie creatures until computers provided alternatives. For example, Stop-motion is made by taking single frame pictures of figurine models and they are in slightly different positions. Stop-Motion is more commonly known as Claymation. Claymation was pioneered as a special effect, by the legendary Ray Harryhausen, who was a master in the pre-CGI world. In the original King Kong, the skeletons from The 7th Voyage of Sindbad and all the creatures from the older Clash of the Titans are the most famous of Harryhausen's work. This style stayed as an industry standard and was used in countless movies, including the space battles of the Star Wars movies. Stop-motion is also an animation style in its own right, and is exemplified by classics such as Gumby, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. The reign of Stop-motion, was toppled by Computer Generated Images (CGI), but the technique remains the same, replacing the physical models with digital ones.

So now you have a basic understanding of how animation works, and the impact it has had in entertainment. This is just a quick breakdown to give you a starting off point for future blogs, where I will go into deeper detail about different styles, techniques and back stories. Did you ever hear the story of how Pixar saved the American animation world? Have you ever wondered why Anime characters look the way they do? Check back for further posts that will let you know all about this art form that has captured the interest and imagination of millions of people for more than a century.<

A Day in The Life In Encino

The Futon Shop in Encino is one of the newest shops in the 3 decades of shops in California.  Over 30 years in business and Encino finally has a Futon Shop in Encino. Brennan, who lives in Encino and works at The Futon Shop in Encino for over a year has great input on living in such a beautiful place. There is always something going on and something to enjoy whether you are visiting or live in the area and want to experience the joys of Encino. Brennan usually starts his day with the intention to sell guest beds to Encino customers, but what often is he starts talking about the things he enjoys in Encino.  His customers get great advice with premium futons, but then some great advice into the ins and outs of where to take friends and family out to dinner or to what beach or theme park to go to. Let Brennan be your tour guide to the World of the fun and exciting town of Encino.

What Is Encino Known For?
The Futon Shop Encino
The Futon Shop Encino
Most people think of Brendan Frazier in that movie the 90’s cult classic Encino Man. But there is more to Encino than an ice age Brendan Frazier! The Valley is not just a one hourse town, it has shops fine restaurants, them parks and beaches that tourist come from all over the world.
The Valley, located on the other side of the Hollywood Hills is known for its iconic Hollywood sign. where most people known it by the iconic Hollywood sign. While the city of Hollywood is on the Los Angeles side of the hills, The Valley is actually where all the movie and television studios are located. The studios are the historic lifeblood of The Valley, and best as the place to vacation. Universal Studios, one of the valleys biggest attraction, is a great place to start when coming to visit Encino.

Visiting Ventura Blvd
Ventura is a must see when coming to Encino. Check out Los Encino’s State Historic Park, for it preserves historical and significant buildings that link to early colonial California life. Ventura Blvd is home to miles and miles of every kind of restaurant and shop, including The Futon Shop. Next door to our location at: 17047 Ventura Blvd in Encino is the ever-popular Midori Sushi. All you can eat, and then stop in to rest on one of our 33 futon beds. Take your time and take a quick nap before going for a little icer cream. Just across the street from our shop is Mulberry Pizza,  which is known as the best pizza in LA. Some of the best dining is experience surrounding our Futon ShopAnd of course, as seen in all movies is the beach. Here are just a few beaches to visit:

Emma Wood State Beach - This is a camping beach, but it also has great views and a narrow ocean-side. Check out the surfers.
Harbor Cove Beach - great place to bring the family for the save place to swim and right next to it is restaurants and entertainment.
Marina Park - what more to ask for a family day: it has a park, beach, children's area, and picnic facilities. Even sailing lessons here.
Rincon Beach - Right around the corner from Santa Barbara. Top Surfing beach. Bring your surf board.
San Buena ventura Beach - Best tourist beach. With its long sandy beach of 2 miles, restarants, pier, camping, surfing, swimming, volley ball and biking...this is the beach to visit.
Surfers Knoll Beach - as this is a windy beach, this is a great destiniation if you want to fly a kite, but not the place to swim or surf.
Surfers Point At Seaside Park -as the name says...surfers welcome. This is an exclusive beach mainly for surfers because of the awesome waves.
The Futon Shop Encino
The Futon Shop Encino

For The Foodies and Family Fun
After hours of testing out organic mattresses, you might build up an appetite, so be sure to come by during the Taste of Encino event. Make shopping for a futon be your next excuse to test out the world of tasty cuisines from around the world. The Taste of Encino is an annual event that takes place right on Ventura Blvd. During this fun event, the city actually closes down two blocks of Ventura and the local businesses take part, from all the mom & pop operations to the major national chains. Besides the many booths of food and local services, the cities’ private schools hold performances and demonstrations of talent. Live bands, carnival games, face painting and balloons put the family friendly street fair vibe firmly into place.
The Encino Lifestyle
Healthier lifestyles have been the growing trend around the world, but Encino residents take it seriously and is one of the most health conscious cities in The United States. The Futon Shop fits perfectly with this trend, building its message of Farm to Home and bringing in more options that are green, organic, and chemical free. Natural living is a great way to live, but doen not just stop at the dinner table, it also is a big issue whne you sleep and in the home
How To Be A Perfect Host
The Futon Shop is a great place to get started when hosting your home as the place that family and friends come visit and when sharing home.. When visiting friends and family, it is important to have a comfortable spot for friends and family to visit and sleep on. The Futon Shop is a great place to shop in Encino because of functionality and the health benefits of omitting any toxins in your home..
The Futon Shop is popular among the affluent and entertainment professionals for the versatility and space saving aspects, as well as offering quality furniture. Brennan, an  experienced futon specialist has personally sold sets to personal offices, recording studios, and even talent trailers (where performers stay while on the set). The Futon Shop has set the stage for being a bed to rest on while Music, television, and movies are being made. The entertainment business cannot be held up by little things like finding a place for the star to sleep, thanks to The Futon Shop. Step inside The Futon Shop in Encino and sit down with Brennan to get the facts about vacationing in Encino.

Futon Loft and Bunk Beds

Platform Storage Bed In Cherry
Platform Storage Beds are great for dorms or any room that doesn't have a lot of space. The featured Platform Storage Bed for today is available in all standard sizes and come with two side drawers.

Futon Loft and Bunk Beds

Loft Bunk Bed In Maple



Grab a Futon Loft And Bunk Bed for your first year dorm! Futon Loft And Bunk Beds give you studying and sleeping in the same spot!

Modern Sofa Bed Futon

S-Chair Modern Convertible Futon

S-Chair Modern Convertible Futon
 These Modern Sofa bed Futon is Great for Small Rooms or in a den or office or dorm room. Make into a Twin Bed and back to a Chair Or a Lounger. Modern Sofa bed Futons are great for saving space and doing it with style and comfort. Don't be like Bill and have to use up all your space for a bed. Or offer your friends a seat on my bed. Be proud and have a fun Room at the same Time.
Me Seating on a Bed and I could of been on a S-chair and used it as a bed too